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Results and Beyond

On 7th August, 1883 when Indian National Congress was 8 years old, Shri Aurobindo has said, “We cannot afford to raise any institution to the rank of a fetish. To do so would be simply to become the slaves of our own machinery.

Now, when the congress is 124 years old I would repeat the same. There’s a reason why I recalled this famous saying of Shri Aurobindo. I was watching the election outcomes on Saturday when I heard the 5th generation of Nehru-Gandhi, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, talking to reporters. He was praising the efforts of Advani. He was saying, at 80+ years of age Advani fought with great determination. He also said, “Great Job Done Mr. Advani”. A person, who has served this country for more than 60 years, is getting a pat on his back, from a 5 years old politician, just because he belongs to a particular family, a particular institution. That’s the irony of Indian politics. We must ask ourselves, are we matured enough for a democratic system like this?

This result opens up many dimensions which we must analyze. The first point, which I have already raised, is much bigger than our normal assumption. Why we always go back to a particular family? Can’t we produce a good leader amongst more than 10 billions of our population? Do we still have the slave mentality?


parliament  indian_youth


The second point is talking about Indian vision. We all agree to the fact that as a country India has its own set of problems and to solve them we need our own solutions. We have a different culture, different tradition, and different demography and we need a different strategy to tackle them. We can’t run our country on the same model US, UK or any other country is following. We need a political system which addresses an “India-centric-vision”. When our people will understand “who we are”? When we will realize that there’s more to think than few emotional issues? When we would start talking rationally?


L K Advani  manmohan_sonia_3-300x197


Next item to be discussed is what kind of politics we want in our country? I can see more than 100 secular parties which ask for vote because they are secular. It looks strange to me. When that is the only criteria to ask vote then why we need 100+ parties. We can have just one secular party? If there’s any other difference, let’s talk about them? Indian politics is revolving around this secular and communal philosophy which looks absurd to me.  We need parties with vision and not parties with religion. Let’s talk about issues like connecting cities, connecting rivers and connecting people. I get few arguments, if we have issues why don’t we talk on them. Yes, I agree we have issues but there’s no need to politicize them. There are other platforms to tackle those issues.

There are few good outcomes also from this election. Declination of caste politics from north India, especially from UP and Bihar, is one of them. The defeat of almost all “bahubalis” is a great thing for Indian politics. Though there are few wrong traditions also popping up, like, emergence of MNS. Mumbai went through a bad phase last year. People came forward and chanted the national anthem in one voice but few of them voted for a hard-core regional force. We made some good progress in this election but there’s a long way to go. I hope we’ll have more awareness towards this. I hope we’ll get better maturity from voters in coming future. I hope we would realize our real issues and our real leaders.


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A Trip to Mathura – Via Kanpur

You must have heard that man proposes and God disposes but in our case God didn’t dispose but he came up with a better plan for us. At least that’s what we all thought once we went through our entire journey. We were not able to achieve what we wanted to achieve but still we were more than happy with what we got. Instead of talking more on suspense let’s continue with our story.

We were invited to attend our colleague’s marriage in Kanpur. This was a 3-4 days trip so we decided to visit Aagra and Bharatpur along with the marriage. All planned, all set to go.  We started our journey from Kolkata in Rajdhani and we left it in Kanpur at early morning of 1st May 2009. We were 6 people in the group, though we travelled with 7 in the train. 7th person was the one who was getting married and I’ll exclude him from the story as he was in dreams (till Kanpur only). One of our trip-mate was from Kanpur and he was more than excited to invite all of us to his home city, of course with lots of boosting about Kanpur and with a promise to be a great host in the city. Let’s name him Mr. P. initially he was the one who was excited and dragged everybody to join his excitement. Mr. P was all game for this trip and that was visible through his action.

All set to go on the way to agra

Ok, so we reached Kanpur at early morning. We boarded a hotel, got fresh and went to Mr. P’s home. After taking a homely breakfast we started our trip to Aagra and Bharatpur. This time we were travelling with a Chevrolet Tavera. In few minutes we were running on Kanpur Aagra highway. This time we got to know about the specialties of Mr. B, another trip-mate. He was friends to few but not to all so it was great to have him in our group. He is a great story teller and his one-liners in between his stories add lots of spices, of course to add more taste.  You may forget his stories but not his one liner, there are just brilliant. Ok, let’s move back to our story. As the Tavera was rolling on the highway we started a discussion on “Love”. Initially it was to get the views of each individual, just to understand whether Mr. P was ever in love or it was something else.  It started with definition but went for around 1 hour and it included many rounds. We got many terms to support / define love. Terms were like care, devotion, dedication and even trade. Let’s not go into details of this talk and move further.

@ dhaba @ dhaba

After few rounds of hot and cold talks we wanted to have some food. We started looking for some decent looking “dhaba”. Around 70-80 KM before Aagra we got one. We ordered for typical Punjabi food, the butter roti, daal taadka, daal fry and mix veg. The food was awesome. The hot summer day couldn’t stop us to take a heavy lunch there. The temperature was roaring at 46-47 degree so we didn’t stop too long at that place, quickly grabbed our places in Tavera which started running back on the highway. We reached Aagra at around 4.30 PM but we didn’t stop. It was Friday so Taj was closed. We decided to go Bharatpur and spend the night there. We thought to catch up the Taj next morning. When we were moving towards Bharatpur we saw a board “Mathura – 56 KM”. Mr. M, our other trip-mate, popped up the idea to go Mathura instead of Bharatpur. We had few rounds of internal talks / arguments and finally we decided to go Mathura. It was a dynamic plan and none of us had thought on this before. Our Tavera started running on Aagra-Mathura highway now. Let’s have a quick introduction of Mr. M. He is a decent and matured looking gentleman though his talks can beat teenagers. He too has stories in his pocket but they are mainly covered with some decent wrappers. The trip saw some of his wrapped talks which were refreshing at times.

At around 5.30 PM we were in Mathura. We had no plans with us but we’re all game to explore the place.

Trip Continues…

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