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~~ Flowers – Spread Happiness ~~

In the midst of global conflict, global warming, global recession, I learnt to spread the message of global peace and global love from some lovely flowers. These colorful flowers are always ready to spread happiness and love. They cheer our heart and create a feel good atmosphere.  

My latest fascination towards nature photography, especially flower photography has the same inspiration. I want to capture the beauty of a flower in different colors and in different forms. They show, how we can organize different things to make a complete product, which is great to see and nice to feel. Perhaps, this could be a big lesson for those who don’t believe in diversified existence. In last few days, I clicked many snaps of some lovely flowers. I have uploaded those flowers at many places on my web space; some of them are here too.

LovelyRed  Bunch

Standing Tall  CuteFlower

Let’s gather wisdom from these flowers and let’s learn to spread the happiness in the world. 


February 9, 2009 at 7:23 am 2 comments

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