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India Inc 2.0 – Will it Survive ?

Global economic meltdown has concerned many countries. People are coming up with their own views as what would be the impact? There are lots of data, statistics given on different forums. Top politicians, businessmen, and media, everybody is talking about it. I looked at different blogs, forums and noticed some interesting debates about impact on India Inc. Here are my thoughts as how India Inc should / will deal with this?

I would prefer to say India Inc 2.0 as I believe India Inc 1.0 got over after Y2K and .Dot doom. India started looking into new business dimensions and its economy grew like anything. So, let’s see how India Inc 2.0 should / will deal with this recent economical crisis.

Majority of Indian IT business derive it’s more than 70% of revenue from US economy and they are bound to hit. They will feel the heat as their clients in US will not go for more projects and more work. What could be the impact? Few Indian companies will go for cost cutting, job cutting, and few will prefer to explore new avenues. This might boost the IT product initiative in India. And if it happens, it would create a better prospect for IT business in India.

Tourism is the other sector which is likely to see the impact of this global recession. Everybody is on cost cutting path and the first thing which comes in mind is to cut the traveling and vacation cost. How the industry should deal with this? Ok, if the scenario is not cooperative enough to motivate people then how about going for some innovative things. Let’s consider some innovative ideas for tourism industry. How about promoting health tourism, spiritual tourism, and cultural tourism? Yoga, Meditation, Ashrams, Gurus, Pundits, Bodhgaya, Hrishikesh, Dharamsala, etc. could be few significant words to consider.

More than 50% of India’s workforce is still employed in Agriculture, a sector which is likely to be untouched. These are the people who are least bothered about what’s happening in urban India or the Global village. They would continue doing their regular work and their lifestyle will remain same. India Inc 2.0 can see this global meltdown as an opportunity to enter Agriculture sector. They can come up with a plan which would help this sector to grow and also to enhance the lifestyle of these people. There are multiple problems in this sector and most of them are because of lack of knowledge / information. Some initiatives have been taken by Government / Private sector companies but this recession could act as a booster for making more such investments.

Web 2.0 is another area which can help in combating this recession era. India Inc 2.0 must consider this as an opportunity to build a broader IT enabled business network. Around 10% of Indian population uses Internet and a business model based on recent happenings of Internet can surely create more jobs, more money. It would also help other sectors by providing information / infrastructure to deal with their issues in much better way.

Innovation with technology, Innovation with business model and engaging more people with growth cycle will be crucial for the next business boom. I hope to see a more confident, independent and robust India Inc 3.0. 


December 16, 2008 at 10:53 am 1 comment

Is baar yahi tay kiya hai – Do It Now !!

Is baar ghawon ko dekhna hai
Gaur se
Thoda lambe wakt tak
Kuch faisley
Aur uskey baad hausley
Kahin toh shuruat karni hi hogi
Is baar yahi tay kiya hai

We can’t agree more on this. We salute the courage and patience of India but how long? We need to wake up some day. We need to learn someday that it’s not just about patience, it’s also about battle. Let us not become a victim of ongoing tolerance. Let’s not sing the old song of “Ahimsha”. Slowly and steadily we are getting used to. Each and every attack has compelled us to go on back foot, to become more defensive. Let’s shake our soul, our mind and our body. Let’s understand the simple thing, “we can’t avoid confrontation”. We need to face it, challenge it, and do it proactively before it’s too late.

War is MUST. It’s not just this time. History has taught us this many times that the war is must. It’s must to survive, to protect sovereignty. Stop making noises. Come out of your caves and uproar, and uproar to the extent that it reaches to each and every corner of the world. From thousands of years we have taught the lessons of peace and tranquility to entire world. Now it’s time to teach other proficiency. Let the world see the power of India. Let the world feel the anger of India.

We know, war is not a solution but it surely demonstrates our will to fight against this heinous mentality. It’s a way to destroy our enemies. This destruction is must so that the world can live in peace. There’s a saying in Sanskrit, “Ati Sarvatra Varjayet”, which means “excess of anything is bad”. So, the excess of our tolerance is also bad, the excess of our patience is also bad. Let’s not cross the “ati” here. Let’s be proactive in deciding our own fate. Let’s make sure that nobody can dare to challenge India. Let’s teach a lesson of confrontation. Let’s teach how to battle and how to win a war. We did it in Kargil. We won the toughest battle the word had ever seen. Now it’s time to do it again. We have different circumstances and we might need to fight on different soil. Let’s take it as a challenge. Don’t waste time in arguing when there’s nobody to care your argument. Let the weapons speak and most important DO IT NOW.

December 2, 2008 at 7:19 am 13 comments

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